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What is Microsoft Azure?   

Everyday Use Cases


Azure storage is like a giant backup drive, except you have the ability to replicate your data in other geographic locations for added peace of mind.


Backup your servers and PC's with the Microsoft Azure Backup app for Windows. Some NAS servers, like Qnap's, have their own separate Azure backup app.


Do you find it painful to make changes to your website and its infrastructure? Webmaster says no? Cut out the middle man and host your site yourself in Azure.

Disaster Recovery

Replicate and maintain your servers in the cloud. When they go down, simply pull your recovery site down from Azure and get back to business.

Backup Your QNAP NAS Server to the Cloud   

Running a Qnap NAS?

back it up into Azure

Lots of business owners use Qnap NAS servers and many tend to keep personal data like family photos, alongside their business data, on the same NAS.
It's a good idea to get that data backed up into the cloud as a failsafe, and specifically into Azure where it can reside within your region and be replicated in a separate Azure region for additional peace of mind. Check out your Azure storage replication options here.
You can backup your Qnap straight into Azure using the Qnap Azure Backup app that comes with it. All you need is an Azure account.


Can You Trust the Cloud?   

How Manufacturers Are Using Azure

Saab logo Download Case Study
Saab's automated security monitoring system SAFE gets used at public events like the World Nordic Ski championships, where changes in the weather mean changes in the security data and a high risk of system failure. Their tape drive backup was too slow, but with the Microsoft SQL Backup to Azure tool, full backup and restoration of critical data now happens in minutes.
Honeywell logo Download Case Study
Honeywell monitors thousands of air conditioning units across the buildings they manage with sensors. With their data lifted and shifted off-site and into Azure, Honeywell can now see all their hardware health issues in real time and respond to them as they happen, meaning increased operating and maintenance efficiencies and real savings for their customers.
Hedgehog Logistics logo Download Case Study
Hedgehog Logistics Solutions needed to finely tune their business processes, and have tracking and fleet management capability over their delivery partner network. Using Visio, a component of Office 365 (which itself lives in Azure), Hedgehog were able to map all the logistic events within their network, and feed GPS data from an Azure SQL database straight into their Visio maps, for real-time delivery tracking.
Rockwell logo Download Case Study
In the business of industrial automation a single customer can generate petabytes of streaming data, and this is what eventually led Rockwell Automation to outgrow their own data warehouses and consider the cloud. But after turning to Azure HD Insight, Azure Machine Learning, and Microsoft Power BI, all Microsoft Azure cloud services, not only can they manage more data, they can manage it faster and more effectively than before.
XGear logo Download Case Study
Xgear have a vehicle fleet management platform that can track vehicles and their engine performance, as well as provide predictive analysis and traffic monitoring. The entire technology resides in Azure where it can scale elastically without the hassle of hardware management that a traditional high capex on-premise approach would involve.
KennametalDownload Case Study
Kennametal is a material science company that's been around since 1938. They tried a SAP ERP system to manage their decades of accumulated data but found it difficult to extract meaningful insight from it. In fact it gave rise to a security concern when their scientists reverted to spreadsheets saved to their desktops in response. Microsoft Office 365's PowerBI solved their problem.

Where are Azure regions located?   

Get Microsoft Azure


Physical locations all around the world, including Melbourne and Sydney.


High data throughput for Australian and New Zealand businesses.


State of the art business computing. No hardware capex. Data stays in your region vs other side of the world.

You will only be charged when you start using the services in Azure