Sophisticated software should be simple to use

Start with the Right Design

With Inspire's finite element analysis and optimized topology generator, you're starting with the correct design from the beginning.
  • Fast
    Inspire is extremely fast. The advanced finite element technology that powers Inspire returns results in record time.
  • Accurate
    Inspire has Altair's industry leading Optistruct™ technology under the hood. It's simple at the front but sophisticated behind the scenes.
  • Easy
    Anyone can use Inspire due to its simple and intuitive graphic user interface.
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What is Inspire?   

Make it Real

Turn the design from Inspire into manufacturable CAD in Evolve, with the flexibility to mould and shape your geometry like a sculptor working clay.
  • Powerful
    Evolve is a hybrid 3D CAD tool. It comes with comprehensive toolsets for Class A surfacing, solid modelling, and direct modelling via polynurbs.
  • Logical
    Whether you're extruding surfaces from curves, trimming solids, or sculpting polynurbs, everything in Evolve lives on its fully parametric construction tree that can be edited any time.
  • Simple
    Sophisticated software should be simple to use. Evolve is a primary example of this philosophy.

What is Evolve?   

Zero Defect Casting

Casting has the edge over 3D printing on output capacity and cost. Complex shapes, like parts designed in Inspire/Evolve, can however present a challenge for defect-free mould design. Fortunately Click2Cast™ helps you get it right the first time.
  • Easy
    Click2Cast follows an easy 5-step process that flows logically. Import geometry, proceed to mesh, select the casting process, calculate, and see the results.
  • Visual
    Choose from a range of animated visualizations like velocities, cold shuts, air entrapment, and solid fraction. Save them out as videos or images.
  • Intuitive
    Other engineering programs never moved beyond Windows 98, but Click2Cast embodies clean, modern, and user friendly design principles that eliminate busy work and save time.

What is Click2Cast?   



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